Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vegan Mapo Doufu/Vegan Mapo Tofu

The other day I served Mapo Doufu (Google-43,600 results) also called Mapo Tofu (Google-78,300 results) for lunch.
It is a very spicy Chinese dish from the Sichuan province. It is one of those dishes you dare not eat unless you can really handle the heat. To make the heat a bit more tolerable, you sprinkle a spice on top called Sichuan peppercorns. Sichuan peppercorns have this numbing effect on the tongue.
I served the dish with a cold marinated salad which had matchstick daikon radishes, carrots, and regular radishes, that I marinated in rice vinegar, lime juice, and sugar. This salad would help cleanse the pallet between bites of tofu.
The highlight of my day was I had two customers from the Sichuan province buy this dish! They were very excited to see it and said it looked just right. It made me feel good that for a moment they could think about their hometown so many miles away.

(vegan mapo tofu/vegan mapo doufu)
getting everything ready
I used the whole gallon of Sambal with 12 pounds of tofu

(vegan mapo tofu/vegan mapo doufu)
you need to toast the peppercorns and then grind it to a powder
getting the salad ready
(vegan mapo tofu/vegan mapo doufu) 
radish man says (vegan mapo tofu/vegan mapo doufu) 
was very spicy

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