Friday, September 16, 2011

Portobello Mushroom Wellington

One of my favorite dishes I sell at work is the Portobello Mushroom Wellington. It is quite an impressive dish. I made a soy, sherry, and Dijon sauce to go with it, but I have also served it with no sauce. The wellington itself is moist and very flavorful. Inside the wellington is caramelized onions, wilted fresh baby spinach, and ground sauteed garlic in olive oil. I served it with a cranberry walnut kamut pilaf and lemon-pepper roasted broccoli.

The first trick to this dish is to find vegan puff pastry. I used puff pastry squares from Orange Bakery. At home you can use Pepperidge Farm.
I second trick is to keep everything dry, otherwise you will soak the puff pastry. You can do this by patting dry the mushrooms after they are roasted and cooled. You will also needed to squeeze out as much liquid from the wilted spinach as possible. The filling will also need to be cooled.

When I serve vegan meals I try to have protein somewhere. This way the customer leaves the table feeling full and satisfied. ----------Can you hold on a minute? I am getting hungry.-----------Okay I'm back. Sorry about that. I just had a Tofurky deli slice sandwich and a bowl of Chocolate Obsession by Purely Decadent. Man is it hard to eat vegan.

Anyway, there are basically two types of meals where I can get away with not having a direct protein in them. First is a mushroom dish and the second is a pasta dish. Even when I do this I still try to have some protein somewhere in the dish. For instance, I will have whole wheat pasta available for the pasta meals. Not that I am one of those protein driven people, I just like to put out a balance meal.

ready to be brushed with olive oil and roasted

15 minutes at 375 with a low fan

spinach filling on mushroom on puff pastry

bring up the sides

turn seam side down, brush with olive oil, and bake

portobello mushroom wellington on serves platter

Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Wilted Spinach, Caramelized Onions, and Garlic Filling on a Dijon Sherry Sauce served
with a Walnut Cranberry Kamut Pilaf and Roasted Lemon-Pepper Broccoli