Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Power Outage

There are a few things in the food service business that will stop service; sewer back-ups, sprinklers activated, and a power outage. Fires are fine. We had a power outage today, but it only affected our hoods in the café.
I work in a very large in-house café. Public not allowed. Sorry. It is quite like a food court in a mall. We provide food for 7,000 people. We have 13 stations in our café alone (there are 2 cafes). Six of these station cook food-to-order, so they have a hood system above them. Without the hoods, the smoke and heat would quickly overtake the café.
Ten minutes before service today, the hoods shut down.  If you have ever worked in a large kitchen the sound of the hoods goes almost unnoticed until they are turned off. Our hoods are never turned off. All was quiet. Quite frankly, it was freaking us out. The silence was too loud to bear. At one point I asked a fellow chef if he would not mind just walking around making a whooshing sound, like a fan, to ease us all. He did.
Anyway, I guess one of the fabs blew a breaker. That must be one big breaker I was thinking and thoughts of Jurassic Park started to creep into my head. Will they need to send Muldoon? Will the raptors make it into the kitchen? What about the door locks?!
Long story short-with the 6 stations closed, my station was quickly overrunned and I sold-out 1½ hours into a 2½ hour service period.

For lunch today: vegan (of course)

Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce Served with Yellow Rice and Currants, and Black Lentil and
Brown Rice Curry Salad on Micro-Greens

Vegan Gyro

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