Saturday, September 17, 2011

Safety Signs

Working in a commercial kitchen can be very dangerous. I have personally cut off the tip of my thumb, had a deep-fat fryer super heat some trapped gas and blow a 4-foot flame into the air in-front of me singeing my eyebrows, had an oven blow its doors open, with a ball of flames, hitting me in the arm, had the underside of a gas grill burst with shooting flames that sent a sound shock wave that made my chest thump like a bass drum, had the most painful cut while dragging the bottom of my hand across a serrated cutting edge of clear-wrap container while lowering a heavy pan to the counter, and cut and burned myself more that I would ever tell.
I have seen kitchen help stabbed with a 10-inch chef knife, an arm twisted in a mixer with the dough hook attachment, and more electric slicer cuts to remember. There was even one cook that put his legs into a large pot of hot deep-fat fryer oil while coming down from standing on the counter to remove the hood vents.

To help combat these issues the manufacturers of dangerous equipment now place these graphic  images on their equipment. These photos were all taken from my kitchen.

where are your non-slip shoes? where are your feet?

nice non-slip shoes. must me a newer sign. kind of like the bike lane pictures that have the bike helmets on the biker

its fun to stay at the YMCAaaaaaa

who checks hot surfaces like this?

poor germs :(

rotating knife. what could go wrong

I got nothing

i hate when that happens

is that blood?

really. we put equipment in our kitchen that can do this.

always good advise

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  1. hahahaha can't stop laughing at those signs :)
    (personal anecdotes sound really painful though...)