Monday, September 19, 2011

VegFest 2011 Portland Oregon

In kitchens we have a saying. "It is all about the food."

VegFest would seem to be "all about the food" but if you stop there you are missing it. It's about the people and their stories. There were thousands of people at VegFest this year and each and everyone has a story. Bodybuilder, Robert Cheeke, is the skinny kid from Corvallis, OR who really is a nice guy with a great story. Journalist, Grant Butler, the one month vegan challenge that just kept going. Chef/author, Alan Roettinger, the trendy chef now finding a niche for himself in today's young chef market place. If you want some of the best stories, talk with NWVeg Cindy Zoczy, if you can keep up with her. She will tell you about the first VegFest with just 200+ people showing up.


Marsha Rakestraw helping educate the world.

I think I can take him.
Robert Cheeke really is a nice guy.
Book review coming soon.

We all love Bob's Red Mill.

You should try their wraps!

Cindy Zoczy
Thank you Cindy for your hard work!

All things vegan.
Picked up some rare vegan white chocolate chips.

1st time author Sayward Rebhal.
Way to Go!

David said I could have his job at PCC when he retires in 15 years!

Really good beans.
It is not just the flavor it is also the perfect texture.
 Thank you Northwest Veg for this great event!


  1. wish I could have been there; what a fun day! thanks for sharing

  2. Looks awesome! Cindy looks like she could take all of you...