Saturday, October 29, 2011

my machines

With lots of cooks and limited resources we can get a little uptight about people taking our stuff.
We almost had a fight during a safety meeting regarding this subject.

Top 10 things you do not take from 
someone else's station

Most of the time you provide your own pen, so you want to keep track of it.

Up in the hoods is a universal hiding place in all kitchens.
(This is my decoy peeler. My good one is under the lid.) 

Tape is small and easy to steal, so guard it well.
(Writing on something does not help at all, although many people still do)

A good clear wrap is big, does not snag, is full, and has a good cutter is worth fighting over.
This is not one of those
(Want to test a cook? See how long it takes them to un-snag a clear wrap.)
(It is maddening to lose your box of gloves)

Now we are getting serious. It is just not cool to take someone's cart.
(Clear wrap makes a great makeshift rope to tie up your cart, plus it makes a good belt in a pinch)
This is a dangerous thing to steal. People are counting on it to be there.
(I used to write "catering" now I write "vegan". Works great.

You may think this should be #1 but deep down cooks are proud of their knives and
like to show off how sharp they are.

Many cooks are way hooked on these.
One time two were taken at a catering and a cook went ballistic.
(Most food service places have free beverages for employees, except bottled or canned items.)

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