Friday, October 21, 2011

Silly Day at Work

We are not always the most serious group of cooks we appear to be.
We had Christmas music on the front of the house stereo today. 
We had complaints so it was turned off :(

to much time on our hands
this cow has been stuck to the wall for over 3 years

four horsemen of the apocalypse
(ghost, habanero, bird's eye, and serrano pepper)
(this sauce is so spicy that you use a toothpick to dip into it for a taste)

night crew brought this one in
it now hangs by the spices

removed from a box and was taped to a shelf for a day

this is what happens when you work over 80 hours in one week
vegan boy
(this is what the sous chef had put on my chef coats at work)
Quaker Guy

radish man needs a nap

by Brian P. McCarthy

The Vegan 
Family Cookbook
by Brian P. McCarthy

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