Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts

One of the most challenging aspects of vegan cooking is baking.
I killed more zucchini than I will ever admit to while perfecting zucchini bread.
My latest quest is to make catering quality desserts for work.

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts
Chocolate is the great equalizer.
Even if you are scared of vegan food you are still willing to try anything if it contains chocolate.
(I found the dark chocolate horns in the storeroom...score!)

The 3-inch vegan pie shells are made by
Les Boulanger Associes, Inc. (LBA)
You just bake, cool, and fill.

The carrot cake luckily only took me one try.
I have always wanted to make those little frosting carrots.

Most commercial frosting is vegan.
You can also buy vegan cream cheese to make your own.

Coconut Custard Kiwi Tarts
I use a special secret thickening method for the coconut custard.
It is a combination of cornstarch and flour.
The cute little vegan fillo cups are from The Fillo Factory

The tartness from the kiwi blended perfectly
with the coconut custard.

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  1. Die zucchini, die! Reminds me of this t-shirt:

    NOM NOM NOM by the way. To everything above.