Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bamboo Rice

Bamboo Rice is a short grain white rice which has been 
soaked in bamboo juice.
It has a mild bamboo flavor. I use it because it is visually appealing.

Bamboo Rice  

The first time I used bamboo rice I rinsed it
which washed a lot of the bamboo juice away...

 Bamboo rice makes great sushi rice

Cut the tofu into small slabs, fry, soak in a
sugar and rice vinegar mixture overnight, then cut in half

Add some of the rice vinegar marinade drained
from the tofu to the bamboo rice.
Cut out a pocket in the tofu.
Stuff the pocket with seasoned bamboo rice

This visual appeal of this dish will sell itself.

Seasoned Tofu Pockets with Bamboo Rice and dipping sauce
Dipping Sauce
(has a kick from red pepper flakes)

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