Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vegan Stromboli

Stromboli got its name from the movie Stromboli. Romano’s Pizza Shop of Essington, PA created the dish in the 1950’s.
Stromboli is also an active 10,000 foot volcano in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the "foot" of Italy.
Stromboli the food is a rolled "pizza."
I thought it would be fun to make a Stromboli which was large enough to cut to order.
Vegan Stromboli
Served with vegan pesto, and a balsamic marinara sauce.
Green and red are the colors of Italy.
I start with a homemade yeast dough which is made over a 3 day
period in order to develop a full body yeasty flavor.
Use a high gluten flour to develop a great texture.
Using a dough sheeter, "roll" out the dough.

Add the roasted vegetables
(red bell pepper, zucchini, onion, and mushrooms)
which have been tossed with marinara sauce.

Roll up.

Score the Stromboli to keep it from exploding like a volcano.
The score marks are later used to help with portioning.
Brush with olive oil and bake.

Take out of the oven and enjoy the 
freshly baked bread aroma.

Vegan Stromboli on a bed of balsamic marinara.

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