Monday, June 25, 2012

Safety Signs 2

Working in a commercial kitchen can be dangerous. Here are a few signs you might find.

Funnel contents are hot and will burn the skin off your hand.

As far as I can tell, this warning tells us not to jump on the bed? Trust me when I say, there are no beds in kitchens, just hard floors, hard counters, and hard walls. 

In the old days, bleach and ammonia were kitchen standards.

Speaking of possible toxic gas hazards, this warning label is on a CO2 container on a pop machine.The image reminds me of Swarm by Michael Crichton.

As a safety sign artist, you must know where to draw the line when making safety signs. If the sign is not graphic enough employees will not get the warning and if the sign is too graphic they will be too scared  to even touch the equipment.

The artist who did this one is probably amazed companies actually  use it.

This guy learned the hard way about safety.

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