Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vegan Cake Doughnuts

vegan cake doughnut
There are two types of doughnuts: 
raised, and cake. 
Raised doughnuts are light, airy and use yeast for the leveling agent. Maple bars are one example.
Cake doughnuts are denser and use baking powder for the leveling agent. 

combine AP flour, baking powder, sugar, vegan Ener-G Egg Replacer Powder, and salt

add soy milk and vegetable oil

lightly knead

roll out to 1/2 " thick

reuse scraps for remaining doughnuts

fry in 350 degree Fahrenheit oil for about two minutes on each side

make glaze

(vegan cake doughnuts)
brush doughnuts with glaze

(vegan cake doughnuts)
 ready to serve

(vegan cake doughnut)
vegan cake doughnut coated with cinnamon and sugar
(vegan cake doughnut)
Vegan Chocolate Cake Doughnut with Chocolate Glaze

(vegan cake doughnut)
My breakfast with a cup of Earl Grey, Hot

Vegan Old-fashioned Doughnut
made with vegan sour cream and a touch of nutmeg