Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vegan Valentine's Day Idea- Orange Oil Candle

Orange Oil Candle

Orange Oil Candle for Valentine's Day

Treat your sweetheart to a warm and glowing room with these homemade candles.
All you need is an orange, a knife, vegetable, olive, or canola oil, and fire!

1. Gently scoop and or cut out the orange, leaving the long white pith in the middle attached to the rind, which will be used for the wick.
2. Pour everyday canola, olive, or vegetable oil over orange wick and fill orange peel.
3. It will take about 45-60 seconds to light.
4. It will burn approximately 4 hours.

Canola, vegetable, and olive oil will work.

Gently pry the fruit from the rind in order to leave the 'wick' attached to the rind.

It can take 45-60 seconds to get the wick to light.
Orange Oil Candle

Orange Oil Candle
Place the top half of the peel on top with a
large hole cut in it for ventilation.

Orange Oil Candle
Decorate top.

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