Monday, July 1, 2013

Kitchen Radios

Kitchen radios will never change.
They are the most sorry and broken down radios you will probably ever see. In some kitchens, it can be a cooks only source of sanity, so think twice before trying to remove  them!

This is a classic example of a kitchen radio.
Outdated (cassette deck), broken (held together with tape), and a broken antenna (this is a must).
I think someone has updated this one with an MP3 player cassette adapter. Nice.
Nice cheap radio with classic coat hanger antenna.
I think a cook was in a bad mood one morning
(or heard one too many culinary art career commercials) 

and took a meat tenderizer to this poor radio.
A creative dishwasher wrapped this one 
in a trash bag to keep it dry.
Classic rock is the most popular choice of music in the kitchen.
You will also hear some rap (dishrooms), classical (older cooks), and acid rock (younger chefs).
Country is rarely heard and pop dance music is becoming more popular.
One kitchen I worked in was rather large so there was up to four radios playing at the same time.
It messed with you as you walked around.
Do not worry cook. This radio will still be here in ten years.
Likely in the exact same place.

(See: My Machines Blog)
Reception is always a problem in kitchens.
This one took the coat hanger a step further by leaning it against a pipe.
Well, I guess some things do change.
Still no antenna.


  1. Nice! I like the smashed-in radio.

  2. So funny Brian!

    Hey, when does your new book come out? You should do a post on it.