Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Driving in Boston, MA

Driving in Boston

I recently moved to Boston.
I haven't changed, but my cah has developed quite an attitude.

For starts, it has developed a hostility for getting washed.
When we drive by a car wash it veers away and growls.

It now honks at everyone, too.
I tell the car you can't do that.
It says "Yes, I can."
I say "No you can't."
Cah-"Yes I can."
Me-"No you can't."
I just gave up. You know what it is like to argue with a Boston car.

My car used to be a real good driver too.
But the other day we were going down the road and without notice my car cuts across two lanes, did a U-turn, cuts across two more lanes and stopped at the side of the road.
I was white as a ghost.
I yelled at my car. "What was that!"
Cah-"I found a parking spot."
Me-"But we are two miles from where we were going!"
Cah-"Yes, but look. 14 minutes left on the meter."

And it is not just my car. All cars with Massachusetts plates have attitude.
The other day I was in my cah at an intersection, that had no less than one thousand streets feeding into it, when someone's car drove right to the middle of the intersection, did a 360, and then just stopped.
The angry driver got out right there, slammed the door, and headed for the Dunkin' Doughnuts. I think he was putting the car on a timeout. Later he came back, got in the car, and drove away. This was really no big deal. I was still waiting at the light.

FYI-Waiting in traffic is not so bad in Boston. Yesterday while I was at a single stop light, I bought my wife some flowers, donated some money to charity, balanced my checkbook, and did my taxes.

Not my CAH

Still not my CAH

by Brian P. McCarthy

The Vegan 
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by Brian P. McCarthy

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