Saturday, June 7, 2014

vegan dry ice ice cream

I wanted to make vegan ice cream at work, but I did not have an ice cream machine and I needed to make at least 3 gallons.
Dry Ice Ice Cream

I called up our local ice company and ordered 15 lbs. (which was the minimum amount I could order). It cost about $35.00.

And I made chocolate ice cream.

It was so much fun I decided it would fun to share this trick as a front of the house demo.
I made two flavors, kumquat and velvet chocolate. They were both coconut milk based.

Adding the kumquats, coconut milk, oj concentrate, and sugar.
Adding the mixture to the electric mixer with the paddle attachment.
Adding the dry ice. You will need about 5 lbs. of dry ice per gallon of mixture
or half that amount if you pre-chill all the ingredients, which is recommended.
Mixing takes about 10 minutes for 3 gallons of unchilled mixture
or 5 minutes if you are using pre-chilled ingredients. 

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