Wednesday, July 30, 2014

600 pounds of blueberries

What do you do when you receive 600 pounds of fresh, local, wild New England hand picked blueberries? I found out while working at Hampshire College in Massachusetts this summer. FYI, there are approximately 800 wild blueberries per pound.

First you make 20 gallons of blueberry jam,
sweetened with real maple syrup.

Hampshire College Executive Chef Lydia Kumpa making jam.

Wild, Local, and fresh blueberry jam.
Freeze until needed.

We placed the remaining blueberries on parchment paper 
lined sheet trays and IQF them.

Sous Chef David Vanderpoel packaging the frozen blueberries.

Time to make vegan pancakes!
This thing is called a pancake gun, used to
get perfectly round and portioned pancakes. You can adjust
the amount of batter it dispenses with the white plastic
thing on the top.

Half whole wheat blueberry pancakes!

Half whole wheat blueberry pancakes with blueberry jam.

Don't forget the syrup!

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  1. That is a tremendous amount of blueberries. Looks delicious!