BIO-Brian P McCarthy

Chef Brian P. McCarthy has been a professional cook/chef since 1982. In 1995 he turned to a vegan diet for its health benefits, and began to explore the world of vegan cooking as a chef for Bon App├ętit. Cooking in Oregon, he ran the Intel vegetarian/vegan international station and prepared dishes for catered events attended by CEOs, mayors, house representatives, senators, and the newly elected Barack Obama. He also spent time leading various cooking classes and presentations for Northwest Veg and Bob’s Red Mill.
In 2012 Brian moved to Massachusetts to be a chef at MIT, and became an instructor for The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

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  1. Hello, I have been wanting to tell you how impressed i am with your Vegan Family Cookbook. The recipes are very well crafted, easy for families and healthy. So much dairy in the world! Hope your happy with your current endeavors. Again, thank you for the book. I did just notice you have another book! Well, that is great!
    Karin Colgrove, Bellingham WA.

  2. I got your Global book for Christmas and I'm in the process of making every recipe. On p. 50 it says to add flour but it doesn't say how much. And just as a question - is it possible to add kuzu instead of flour?

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