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What are your vegan options? 

This 450+ recipe cookbook contains a wide range of large batch, commercial kitchen tested recipes, and was created by a commercial kitchen chef who has been working in the industry since graduating from culinary school in 1986. The recipes use common commercial kitchen terms in clear, step-by-step instructions, and utilize ingredients commonly found in most professional kitchens. 

The nearly 100 vegan baking and dessert recipes (muffins, cookies, cakes, quick breads, doughnuts, etc.) compete with the extensive international entrees for your attention. Customizable core recipes (cornbread, pancakes, daal, etc.) make a great starting point in creating your own establishment's favorites. Individual chef's notes located at the top of most recipes offer suggestions on garnishes, sides, and tips on making production easier. Information to be conscious of when purchasing, preparing, and serving vegan food is discussed. 

Recipes include:
Entrees: Asian, Indian, Italian, Mexican, American, and more. Desserts: Cakes, cookies, puddings, and more. Lunch: Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Soups, side salads, side dishes, breakfast entrees and pastries, appetizers, small plates, sauces, gravies, dips, spreads, and beverages round out this extensive collection.

The Global Vegan Family Cookbook uniquely provides high quality and easy to follow recipes. Drawing inspiration from the exotic flavors of international cuisine, this cookbook is a rich cache of recipes which will ignite your culinary hunger. Without holding back, this cookbook will take you on a global affair as you explore a spectrum of flavors with cocoa, curry, and vinegar, just to name a few. With innovative recipes like coconut milk Crème Brulee made with real vanilla beans and Plantains with Molé Sauce you will be well on your culinary journey. Along with delicious appetizers, blissful breakfasts, and decadent desserts, you will get one of the most comprehensive international collections of vegan entrees. The GVFC contains sixty-five solid dinners originating in diverse countries including Thailand, India, Italy, Japan, and the USA which will keep you anticipating your next full-flavored encounter.
The  Global Vegan Family Cookbook is written by a professional chef who has been eating and enjoying a vegan diet since 1995, and has been serving vegan food to high profile accounts for years.

The Vegan Family Cookbook

The Vegan Family Cookbook Brian McCarthy

Now that you've become a vegan, you're learning lots of ways to prepare tofu, but you or someone you love is really starting to miss macaroni and cheese, turkey dinners, pumpkin pie and birthday cake. Maybe you and your family feel self-conscious (and hungry) at holidays, picnics, and parties. Or maybe just one person in the family is vegan, but you need to create meals that everyone will eat.

Since the day Brian McCarthy and his wife, Karen, chose a vegan diet for their family ten years ago, Chef McCarthy has created over 400 simple vegan recipes with easy-to-find ingredients for traditional favorites like biscuits, corn bread, stews, pastas, pizzas, cakes, pies, and even egg(less) nog. All the recipes come from the McCarthy home kitchen and have passed the test of many family meals. For individuals or families who are concerned about animals, the environment, or their health, mealtimes just got a whole lot easier.

Chefs Revenge Hot Sauce Cookbook
The Chef's Revenge Hot Sauce Cookbook is a small but mighty collection of unique and creative recipes. This e-book contains eight original hot sauce recipes, three bonus recipes, and a brief history of chili peppers and how they are rated for heat. These hot sauces use a wide range of peppers including ghost, jalapeno, bird's eye, and more, and then are combined with striking ingredients such as coconut milk, chocolate, and mango. They range from spicy to burning hot, while maintaining a balance of heat and flavor. One even fluoresces under black light, making it a great candidate to help anyone impress their hot sauce loving friends!The Global Vegan Family Cookbook

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